Our timing company, Yankee Timing, will offer 2 forms of tracking for the 2017 Bay State Marathon.  The first will enable users receive text and/or email updates as the athletes pass the split points along the course. This method is available now and continues through the actual race. The second method is only available on race day.  It allows users to bring up a Google map and show where a specific athlete is along the course.


Details for Method #1: Sign up for Text and Email alerts.

Browse to http://www.iresultslive.com/?op=tracking&eid=2426 and enter your email address. Your email address is your login and is used to keep a record of who you are tracking.


Once you are logged in, you can lookup athletes by their last name, or their bib #. Type in either one, then click “search”. If multiple records are found, you will see a list of those matches and you select which one you want. For example, if you type in ‘smith’ for a last name, you will see multiple records returned. Click the ‘Track this person’ link to the right of the name to setup tracking.


You can track up to 5 people. 


If you want to see who you are tracking, then click the ‘Show Who I’m Tracking’ tab near the top of the page. This will present a list of everyone you are tracking along with the race they are in. If you want to delete them, just click ‘Delete’.


If you want to receive text messages, make sure you click the ‘Your Profile’ tab and enter the cell phone where you want messages sent. By default, messages will only be sent to your email address.


Details for Method #2: Displaying google maps and where a runner is

This method is only available on race-day. It’s integrated with the first method in that anyone who you have selected to track will be available to view. You can also add new people to track if you like.


Browse to http://www.iresultslive.com/gpxtracking.  Click ‘Select Event’ on the left to view available events. Click ‘Select this event’ next to the “29th Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon”. 


If you have not selected anyone to track yet, you can enter the bib # or last name of someone you want to track. Clicking the checkbox will automatically added them to your list. Add up to 5 people to track. You can only view one person at a time, but you can switch from one to the other by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


If you have already added people to track, you will see a map of the course along with a “pin” of where the runner is. This system works by looking at the time of the last split point, calculating an average pace, and then calculating where along a course the runner “should” be. There is no way to know if a runner has decided to walk or has changed their pace until the next split point. We’ve found this system works fairly well, until the last few miles of a long race where runners, sometimes, decide to walk which will throw off the calculation. The best we can do is to estimate where the runner is along a course and give you a best-effort guess as to their ETA.