Our goal is to reward as many runners for their hard work and excellent running as possible.

We give cash awards in the marathon to the top 5 male and female Open runners; the top 3 male and female Masters runners (age 40+); the top 3 male and female Senior runners (50+); the top 2 male and female Veteran runners (60+).  All cash awards are based on gun time as per USATF guidelines.

In making the awards, we give preference first to the highest monetary award.  In the case of a monetary tie, we give the award which is the highest place.

So for example if a 52 year woman was the first Master and first Senior, she would be awarded the Masters prize of $200 because that’s worth more than the Senior prize of $100.  On the other hand if that same woman was second Master and first Senior, then she would be awarded first Senior because 1st is better than 2nd (and the prizes were the same – $100).

Once the cash awards are determined, those runners having been rewarded for their performance, are then exclude from further awards.

We then determine the age group awards for the marathon, three deep for male and female in the following 10 year age groups: 19 & under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+  These awards are based on net time.

So it is quite possible, even likely, if you finish say 5th in your division, you might get 2nd or 3rd in the age group awards (since the top two in the division may win cash and thus be removed from your pool).  Lucky you!

For the half marathon we give age group awards, three deep as described above.

One more, somewhat arcane rule – per USATF scoring guidelines all fractions of a second are truncated up to the next second.  So a time of 3:14:26.1 is officially listed as 3:14:27.

All award winners get personalized commemorative plaques.  The plaques include your name, the award you won and your time.  They also include that year’s finisher’s medal mounted on the plaque.  A week or so after the race we notify, by email, all award winners and ask them to verify the information we have.  Winners can customize their plaque at that time.  For example you might prefer your “nick name” to your given name.  After all you did the work – you should get the plaque that best represents you!

If you are an award winner – Congratulations!