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Chip/Bib Instructions

 Bib Number / Timing Chip / Bag Check

  1. Timing chip is on back of bib number.
  2. Do NOT fold / bend / crumple / your number in any way. Altering the bib in any way will compromise the timing chip and could cause a failure.
  3. Tear-off strip on bottom of bib number is your bag check number. Please attach this strip to your bag before checking your bag.

Bag drop off is in front of Lowell High School, near the STARTING area of both races.  There are separate bag check areas for the marathon and half marathon.

Do not put valuables in your bag.
We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

  1. You must show your bib to retrieve your checked bag.

Wearing Your Bib Number / Timing Chip

  1. Your bib number must be worn on your front torso – not on your back or leg.
  2. Your bib number must not be covered. It must be visible on the outermost layer of clothing. DO NOT wear a shirt or jacket over your number.
    Covering your bib can interfere with the operation of the timing chip
  3. Your bib number must always be visible so that you can be identified as a Baystate participant by support staff, volunteers, medical and safety personnel.
  4. Pin your bib number in all four corners.