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I have a transfer bib for the marathon this October. Cost is $90 plus $12 transfer fee. Payable with PayPal. ... See MoreSee Less

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The weekly update - time to register
BTW - prices go up Sept 1st
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2011 Baystate Marathon Personalized Bibs - sign up by Sept 30th

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Have you registered yet?
Why not get it done before September and save the price increase
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2011 Baystate Marathon Personalized Bibs - sign up by Sept 30th

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Managing Your Registration

You can manage and make changes to your registration on-line.

Things you can do are:

  1. Verify your registration and/or edit personal details
  2. Switch between the marathon and half marathon
  3. Transfer your registration to another person

Will YouHelp Us?

We are an all volunteer organization!  So we need your help.

You can volunteer to help us by going to our Volunteer Spot page and signing up.  We especially need help on race day.

All of our volunteers will be invited to a volunteer appreciation party a week or two after the event at which we’ll give you a souvenir, in addition to a volunteer shirt you get for use on race day.

About Boston Qualifying

Once again the BAA has set the registration period for the 2016 Boston Marathon to open in early September. This is before nearly every fall marathon in North America and Europe, thus making all of these marathons, including Baystate, unlikely to be usable for entry into Boston 2016.

Needless to say this is regrettable for not just Baystate and our runners, but for all fall marathons.

For decades upon decades the tradition (at least here in New England) was: pick a fall marathon, such as Baystate; train through the summer; run a BQ (at Baystate); take a few weeks off; start training for Boston – and repeat as desired.

When Boston had the system meltdown during registration in 2011 the BAA made several positive changes in the system and one huge negative one. The negative being they now open registration in early September even though Boston sells out in the one week of open registration. As mentioned above this means that any BQ set in the fall cannot be used for about 18 months. Another side effect  is nearly all BQs used for Boston are 12 months or more old. That’s plenty of time to lose marathon fitness.

Maybe we’re a wee bit biased – but we prefer a system where fall marathoners have a chance to show their stuff at the next Boston, using that marathon fitness they honed for the fall.

BAA – please change the open registration period to November – how about Thanksgiving weekend??

2015 Accommodations Are Now Available

Hey everybody – looking to book a room for the 2015 Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon?  You’re in luck – we made arrangements with local hotels – you can see the details here.

One of the improvements we are making for 2015 is a shuttle service to and from the race.  This service will augment the private hotel shuttles and will be run by the race itself.  The goal is to have shuttles that get you to/from the race in a timely fashion.

Registration is Open

We opened registration on March 1st.

Thank you to the 94 marathoners and 18 half marathoners that signed up the first 24 hours!!

2015 Registration Opens March 1st

Registration for the 2015 Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon will open on March 1st.

Running the 2015 marathon will qualify you for the 2017 Boston Marathon and, if our lobbying efforts are successful, for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Of course you must run a qualifying time in the marathon.  Boston qualifying times are good for 18 months so you are for sure given a shot at 2017, and depending on when Boston opens the 2016 registration period and how fast they sellout, you maybe eligible for 2016.

Please Bear With Us

Unfortunately our site was hacked about a week ago – and despite backups, we have to rebuild quite a bit of stuff.

Race Pictures Are Up

“Remember you have NOT crossed the finish line until you get your pictures @ Capstone Photography.” Capstone is the official photographer of the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon. Keep an eye out for an emailwith a link to YOUR personal pictures from our event. Your picture purchase helps support our organization.  Thanks in advance for that support.

Thank You Runners!!!

All of us here at the Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon want to thank you the runners for making this another very successful year.

We hope we have been able to provide you with an affordable and enjoyable running experience – that met your expectations and goals.

Being an all volunteer organization that puts on this event – we hope you will indulge while we take a brief rest – so if we respond a little more slowly over the next few days – we’re sure you will understand.

2014 Ashworth Awards Baystate Results

Full detailed results of both races, including the awards, can be found on CoolRunning.

Marathon Results

Half Marathon Results

Runner’s Information

Here is a copy of the email we sent all of our registered runner’s the morning of Oct 9th




Hi {first_name}

Greetings from the Ashworth Awards Baystate Race Committee!!

With just 10 days before the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon this email contains everything you need to know about the when and where – right up to the starting gun.

Your race number is {bib}

Your race bib is personalized with your information. Use the tear off strip at the bottom of the race bib as your bag check number. Remove the strip and affix it to your bag before you drop off at the bag check location (see Helpful Links below).


If your number is below 2200, you will have a blue marathon bib.  If your number is greater than 3000, you will have a yellow half marathon bib.


Number Pickup and Expo*:

Day/Date                           Time                                     Location

Friday Oct 17th                   6:00 pm to 9:00 pm              Radisson Hotel

Saturday Oct 18th               10:00 am to 6:00 pm            Radisson Hotel

Sunday Oct 19th                  6:00 am to 7:30 am              Tsongas Center


Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon**

Day/Date                           Time                                        Location

Sunday Oct 19th                 8:00 am                                   Fr. Morissette Blvd (outside Lowell High)

**Warning: Expect significant traffic delays on race morning. You should plan to arrive least 90 minutes before the race starts. Number pickup closes at 7:30. The start of the race will not be delayed.


There will be pace teams to help you meet your marathon goals. The pace teams are 3:05, 3:15, 3:25, 3:35, 3:45 and 4:00.  Please meet the pacers at the starting line.  They will be lined up in the appropriate pace area.  They will be wearing Orange Pace shirts and holding a Pacing Sign stick.

This year we are introducing email tracking.  This allows you to enter email addresses which will be sent updates as you pass our course timing locations.  The timing locations will be located at marathon miles 3, 10K(6.2), 8.5, 13.1, 16.3, 30K(18.6) & 23; and at half marathon miles 3.7 & 9.9.  [The odd looking splits are due to the loops].
Use this link to update your tracking addresses.  You can use the link mulitple times to enter multiple addresses.

The marathon is a timed event, with a six hour limit.  We will have a rolling close on the course, after the time limit is reached you may not have course resources available (such as water).  If this applies to you, please plan appropriately.  We reserve the right to ask participants significantly over the limit accept transportation to the finish area.



In cooperation with local public safety officials, a safety zone has been created around the finish area. Spectators are restricted from the safety zone. Please refer to the Finish Area link under Helpful Links.


Helpful Links:

The links below will guide you to information that will help you prepare for a successful race weekend!

Expo Location – The Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford

Race Day Parking

Finish Area and Race Day Services (Bag Check, Refreshments, Family Meeting Area, Safety Zone)

Need a Port-a-john (where to find the bathrooms)

Using the Chronotrack B-Tag Chip (Yankee Timing)

Tracking (register addresses for tracking updates)

Course Info / Course Maps / Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Runner’s Information Packet (help us save trees by downloading this file)


“Remember you have NOT crossed the finish line until you get your pictures @ Capstone Photography.” Capstone is the official photographer of the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon. Keep an eye out for an email after the race with a link to YOUR personal pictures from our event. Your picture purchase helps support our organization.  Thanks in advance for that support.



Please support our sponsors, who make Baystate possible…








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