2015 Baystate Registration

Hi Gang – last night we sent our registration database to the bib printer.  This locks in our database of who is running in the marathon and the half marathon (so you’ll have the appropriate number/color bib, with your custom text).

As a consequence we can’t offer transfers at this point.

We can accept new registrations for both the marathon and the half marathon.

Pasta Dinner is a Victim of it’s own Success

Many will recall that last year our pasta dinner was over-run.

A survey of pasta dinner users for this year gave a sobering prediction – we’d have to feed more than 1,000 people in two hours.

Even large schools, military cafeterias and prison would have a hard time with those numbers.  So as much as we wanted to have a pasta dinner – We just can’t do it.

I guess now we know why the big time marathons don’t offer a pasta dinner. Sorry gang

Where are the best places to watch the Baystate Marathon?


Watching the RaceWe get this question a lot!

We think the best locations to see the race are:

  1. The Rourke Bridge area
    This is the best spot on the course.
    From the Rourke Bridge you can see the marathon runners three times (just before 3 miles, again at 12.6 miles and lastly at 22.6 miles). You can see the half marathon twice (at 3 and 9 miles)
    On the south side of the river it is best to avoid use of the roads the race will be run on. Once the race starts you will not be able to use these roads. Click here for a Google map and directions to avoid the race. When you get there park in the grocery parking lot – please use spaces as far from the businesses as possible.
  2. South Side Park
    On the south side there is a nice park – with the Orchard Hill ice cream stand across the road. You’ll see the marathoners and half marathoners just past the one mile mark and the half marathoners again at 7.5.  Best access to this area is: click here for a suggested driving route.
  3. Vandenberg Esplanade
    Vandenberg Esplanade is the east most of two parks on the north side. You will see the half marathoners at just over 4 miles and again at 10.5. The marathoners will come by on their way to the finish at just before 24 miles.
    Parking is limited and unfortunately inside the course. You will need to arrive before the runners and stay until most of the runners have passed.
    Across the street is the Heritage Ice Cream stand.
  4. UML Boathouse
    The UML Boathouse is near the Rourke Bridge on the north side of the river.
    You will see the half marathoners at 3.5 miles and again at just before 10 miles. You’ll see the marathoners as they complete their 23rd mile. The Rourke
    Bridge and the bowling alley are less than half a mile away – we suggest you park there or on the south side of the river and walk.  If parking on the north side, use the bowling alley parking, but plan to arrive before 8, after 8 crossing the river will difficult.  Click for suggested route to the bowling alley.
  5. The Tyngsborough Bridge
    This is at the farthest end of the course.
    You can see the marathon runners just before 8 miles and again just after 18 miles.  The best place to watch from is the National Carpet Store.  There is not much room at this location so arrive early (before 8:30).
    Here is the suggested route to National Carpet.


And of course the finish area :-)


Will YouHelp Us?

We are an all volunteer organization!  So we need your help.

You can volunteer to help us by going to our Volunteer Spot page and signing up.  We especially need help on race day.

All of our volunteers will be invited to a volunteer appreciation party a week or two after the event at which we’ll give you a souvenir, in addition to a volunteer shirt you get for use on race day.

About Boston Qualifying

Once again the BAA has set the registration period for the 2016 Boston Marathon to open in early September. This is before nearly every fall marathon in North America and Europe, thus making all of these marathons, including Baystate, unlikely to be usable for entry into Boston 2016.

Needless to say this is regrettable for not just Baystate and our runners, but for all fall marathons.

For decades upon decades the tradition (at least here in New England) was: pick a fall marathon, such as Baystate; train through the summer; run a BQ (at Baystate); take a few weeks off; start training for Boston – and repeat as desired.

When Boston had the system meltdown during registration in 2011 the BAA made several positive changes in the system and one huge negative one. The negative being they now open registration in early September even though Boston sells out in the one week of open registration. As mentioned above this means that any BQ set in the fall cannot be used for about 18 months. Another side effect  is nearly all BQs used for Boston are 12 months or more old. That’s plenty of time to lose marathon fitness.

Maybe we’re a wee bit biased – but we prefer a system where fall marathoners have a chance to show their stuff at the next Boston, using that marathon fitness they honed for the fall.

BAA – please change the open registration period to November – how about Thanksgiving weekend??

2015 Accommodations Are Now Available

Hey everybody – looking to book a room for the 2015 Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon?  You’re in luck – we made arrangements with local hotels – you can see the details here.

One of the improvements we are making for 2015 is a shuttle service to and from the race.  This service will augment the private hotel shuttles and will be run by the race itself.  The goal is to have shuttles that get you to/from the race in a timely fashion.

Registration is Open

We opened registration on March 1st.

Thank you to the 94 marathoners and 18 half marathoners that signed up the first 24 hours!!

2015 Registration Opens March 1st

Registration for the 2015 Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon will open on March 1st.

Running the 2015 marathon will qualify you for the 2017 Boston Marathon and, if our lobbying efforts are successful, for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Of course you must run a qualifying time in the marathon.  Boston qualifying times are good for 18 months so you are for sure given a shot at 2017, and depending on when Boston opens the 2016 registration period and how fast they sellout, you maybe eligible for 2016.

Race Pictures Are Up

“Remember you have NOT crossed the finish line until you get your pictures @ Capstone Photography.” Capstone is the official photographer of the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon. Keep an eye out for an emailwith a link to YOUR personal pictures from our event. Your picture purchase helps support our organization.  Thanks in advance for that support.

2014 Ashworth Awards Baystate Results

Full detailed results of both races, including the awards, can be found on CoolRunning.

Marathon Results

Half Marathon Results

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