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  • The Baystate website joins the new Millennium - finally! We have an all new site - we hope you like it,
  • Will winter ever end? Yes it will - when the 2014 Baystate Marathon opens for the new year on March 1st,
  • RT : On a perfect day, & Nina Caron got W's at the . All part of our weekend wrap up. ,
  • Enjoy the highlights video from Sunday's race! ,
  • Preliminary results show that OVER 25% of 2013 Baystate ran a Boston Qualifiers!! Congrats Baystate marathoners!,

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Jim Carson

Can't WAIT for this race..... ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 1 month ago

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Carlos Heil

Just signed up. Second full marathon for me. I ran one in 2011 and since then had a lot of injuries. This is like a dream coming true. So looking forward to it! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 months ago

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Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon

OK - It looks like I spoke too soon - the website is down again... the best I can figure the problem is at our ISP. I'll update when I know more. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 months ago

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Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon

Wow - What a morning! :/ While overseeing the club's Boston Training run - I find out I left the registration system in "test mode" ; I finally get home and the website is down (for reasons still unknown). But all is well that ends well - the reg system is fixed and the site is up. I'm going to go for a run! :-) ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 months ago

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Do You Hate On-Line Transaction Fees?

So do we!!!

As runners ourselves it is really annoying to register for a race that you think costs $55 or $75 and then when you go to “check-out” suddenly the cost is $79.33?!?!

What’s up with that?  When I shop at Home Depot and buy a tool for $75, they don’t charge me $79.33.  Why should it be different when you register for a race?

It’s all in who pays the “transaction fee”.

Since we are runners – we’ll never make you pay the fee.  We build that into our costs – not yours.

So not only are we one of the inexpensive marathons and half marathon, it’s even better than it appears, because we don’t hit YOU up for the transaction fee.

Registration System Is Fixed

I know a few of hit a road block this morning – I accidentally left the registration system in test mode (yeah we like to check it before you use it).

What boneheaded mistake :-( It’s fixed now. :-)

I apologize to those of you who were inconvenienced.

Registration Is Now Open

Register now for the 2014 Ashworth Marathon and Halfmarathon


Welcome to the New Baystate Marathon Website

We have revamped our website to bring finally bring it into the new Millennium.

We’ve always said we are “For Runners by Runners” and not “For Runners by Geeks” – so it’s taken us a while to get this new stuff working.

We’ve added a number of interactive features on the left – which we hope you will enjoy.  Speaking of which – if you have a picture or video you’d like to share – send it along and we may add it to the site.

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it useful.

If you have any suggestions – we are all ears….

In the meantime – we hope your training and running is going well.

See you in October



Registration will open on March 1st – check back then